About Dilbert

Dilbert The Corgi Unicorn

Dilbert is a fun-loving Cardigan Welsh Corgi, living in Norwich UK. Full of personality and cheeky charm, his online antics have captured hearts, near and far. There really is no other dog quite like Dilbert!

Dilbert The Corgi 8 Week Old Puppy

Dilbert was born on the 8th June 2015 in Llanelli, Wales, UK.

At the age of 8 weeks he left his litter mates to begin his adventures in the big wide world. One of the first thing his human parents noticed was his love of the camera, and how he would pose like he knew just what to do.

Tiny little Dilbert made everyone smile where ever he went, and his human parents decided they wanted to share him with the world.

"Dilbert's social media profiles are about making as many people smile as we possibly can."

And so they did, by setting up his Instagram account, where they could share photos and document his life as he grew.

Dilbert's social media presence soon expanded to Facebook and Twitter where his followers can also keep up to date with Dilbert's adventures and daily life.

Before he had even turned 1 year old, he had already achieved viral status with a short video clip of his amazing ears being wiggled. "Corgi 737 preparing for takeoff" had over 100,000 views in just a matter of days, making him the subject of local and national news articles, and even television and radio interviews!

Dilbert The Corgi wiggle ears video still

A few months after all of the ear-wiggling success, his ears once again put him in the spotlight. After a biopsy, resulting in the removal of the tip of one of his ears, Dilbert was diagnosed Thrombovascular Necrosis, a rare autoimmune disease which was causing the blood vessels in the tips of his ears to die. The condition spread to his other ear, but luckily is now being controlled by medication. Through everything, Dilbert remained his cheerful, playful self and took everything in his stride.

Dilbert's ears, though missing a bit, seem to be on the road to recovery and he's back out and about, exploring his home city of Norwich as well as other parts of the UK.

What's next for him? Who knows! The sky's the limit, so hold on tight and be sure to follow along to see what his world has in store!